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Your center of competence for innovative IT and outsourcing solutions

A large community of banks, wealth managers and other financial service providers relies on the SOBACO and InCore private cloud and has outsourced street-side, back-office and IT services. Our focused skill set is deployed daily to ensure highly professional, stable operation on our clients’ behalf. At the same time, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to take our clients forward to a bright future.


Comprehensive range of services

Focused skill set and experience

Security of stable operations

Innovative solutions meeting complex requirements

All from a

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Entris Banking selects Digital Asset Banking Services from InCore Bank

Entris Banking AG and InCore Bank AG are now working together in the area of Digital Asset Banking ServicesEntris Banking AG is the first bank with a…

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Wealth managers

Are you looking for solutions? We provide results!

As a bank or wealth manager you have to act in a dynamic environment, presenting new challenges all the time.

  • SOBACO Group solutions
  • Which solutions will help us reduce complexity and save costs?
  • Which solutions will support us in complying with rules and regulations?
  • What solutions are there to help with Mifid and Fidleg?
  • Which solutions will help us to optimize and automate processes in our business?
  • Which solutions will support us in making our reporting more professional?
  • What are the software solutions supported and developed by SOBACO and InCore?
  • Which solutions support us in transaction banking?
  • What solutions do SOBACO and InCore offer for digitalization?

“FATCA, AEOI, MiFID, FinSA (FIDLEG), FInMIA (FinfraG), AMLA (GwG)... a piece of cake for us thanks to InCore Bank’s Compliance Support.”

Markus Ruffner, CEO, NPB Neue Privat Bank
“We can dedicate our entire energies to providing independent wealth management services thanks to InCore Bank’s full outsourcing service.”
Markus Angst, Head Banking, Aquila Ltd.

A one-stop-shop for professional banking solutions

SOBACO is a one-stop-shop offering outsourcing services that form a complete, innovative solution for banks, wealth managers and finance companies. We have expanded in accordance with a targeted, long-term plan, bringing in the skills and competence required so that SOBACO Group today offers a unique, broad-based range of services.

Every day, our 100 employees ensure the highly professional, smooth operation of the processes entrusted to us by our clients. At the same time, our specialists are constantly on the look-out for new, innovative solutions to implement and operate systems for our clients’ current and future needs in the best possible way. And our own in-house teams of developers build and hone our own products quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to be able to react quickly and efficiently to the requirements of our clients and the market at all times.

The SOBACO Group is an entrepreneur-led business that is independent of any other banks or finance companies. Our decision-making processes are short and fast. All the services we provide allow us to complement our clients, never to compete with them. Working as equal partners with our clients is a key tenet of our success.

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