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Compliance Services

We develop joint solutions in close cooperation with the Compliance Community and efficiently implement regulatory requirements for you.

Benefits of our Compliance Services

Always up to date with the latest regulations

Compliance information sharing

Synergies from the Compliance Community

Professional support for the realization of compliance projects

Support for internal compliance

Compliance Services

The entire financial services industry has to cope with an increasing burden of regulation that results in more complex processes and higher costs. As a transaction bank, implementing new regulations efficiently has top priority for us. We make our expertise available to our client banks and work closely with them (in our Compliance Community) to develop shared solutions resulting in high levels of synergy and helping to make significant reductions in complexity. This allows you to focus fully on your core business and concentrate on strategic projects while benefiting from scale effects.

Want to stay up to date on the latest regulations, while continuing to focus on your core competences? What about maintaining a high degree of operational efficiency? We help you implement your regulatory requirements in efficient, value-for-money solutions.

Our team monitors and analyzes the regulatory changes relating to private banking and carries out impact analysis of new regulations. On the basis of this research we conduct compliance workshops in which we provide information on the upcoming changes and their meaning for your organization and processes. As an InCore client you benefit from the advantages of the Compliance Community, putting you in touch with many compliance specialists throughout the world of private banking to exchange ideas and experience, and gain uncomplicated access to practical help.

We can also demonstrate the solutions available to meet these challenges and work with you to implement them. These include the appropriate software functionalities as well as template documents for compliance (e.g. concepts and guidelines) that support you in the operating phase to ensure the best, most efficient use of the solution. We also offer additional compliance services such as the monitoring of liquidity risks.

Our Compliance Services generally cover the following areas:

  • Information from our monitoring and impact analysis of the latest regulations
  • Organization and staging of regular compliance workshops
  • Development of template documents


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