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Our innovative solution MyWebDepot meets regulatory requirements and enables efficient client advisory and wealth management.

Benefits of MyWebDepot

Single solution for
financial service providers

MIFID and FIDLEG compliant
advisory process

Consolidation thanks to
automated banking interfaces

contract management

Implementation for
electronic signatures


Are you looking for a single wealth management solution?

Our innovative MyWebDepot system will guide you through the entire wealth management life cycle. Win new clients with our client onboarding and contract management solutions, and document your advisory. MyWebDepot will support you in professional management and documentation of client assets, taking account of the current regulatory requirements.

Wealth management

Wealth managers are facing the decision of how to meet the challenge of digitalization and regulatory requirements while continuing to offer their clients attractive services. MyWebDepot is the ideal solution for your professional services. We update and evaluate our client data on a daily basis. So you can focus on looking after your clients through our efficient system. Thanks to our web-based solution, you can grant your clients access to their data, and communicate with them through digital channels.


Does your bank lack a digital connection and communications with your clients? MyWebDepot is an add-on system to your core banking system that allows you to integrate more quickly with the online world. 

The client’s wealth composition and development is at the heart of the portfolio analysis. Each client portfolio can be assigned to individual investment strategy, model portfolios and benchmarks to allow comparison of the agreed strategy with the actual portfolio. The reported performance is calculated on the basis of the MWR or TWR method and can be documented using profit illustrations from any time period. The assets under management can be viewed at a glance and can also be displayed in a consolidated format per financial services provider, distributor, client, family, company and custodian/deposit agent. Many other evaluations are also available, from individual overviews and positions to the characteristics of the underlying transactions.

The MyWebDepot adviser module includes an efficient process for managed onboarding of new clients.


  • This managed process takes the adviser through the capture of client data and all information required to produce the client’s risk profile. The account opening process can be connected to a core banking system so that the client account is then automatically opened there.
  • An investment proposal can be generated automatically using a robo-advisor, or manually on the basis of recommendation lists. The system compares the client’s risk profile with the risk classification of the financial instruments to achieve this.
  • At the end of the process, the contracts and forms that are needed are generated by the system. All criteria can be adapted to the financial service provider’s requirements.
  • The same MIFID, FIDLEG-compliant process is used for periodic client advisory.

All of your forms and contracts can be managed in MyWebDepot along with those of the connected banks. To simplify the process for the client and bank, the available data is linked directly to the relevant documents. Documents can also be signed electronically if required. When saved this way in MyWebDepot, these documents can be accessed by the wealth manager and even directly by the client if desired.

The integrated asset allocation allows targets and tolerances to be defined per investment category and currency. A standardized or customer asset allocation can be assigned to the portfolio. Variations from the model in response to changes in the market or strategy are evaluated automatically allowing the wealth manager to intervene strategically.

SOBACO can prepare daily business data for each end-of-day operation. It has more than 60 bank interfaces that are automatically loaded, verified and enhanced as required. Data from other banks can also be captured in an efficient manual process. Securities, foreign exchange and cash positions are revalued daily in MyWebDepot using the latest prices.

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