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InCore Bank featured in the Swiss Digital Asset and Wealth Management Report 2021

InCore Bank is proud to be featured in the first Swiss Digital Asset and Wealth Management Report, published by CV VC and Swiss Blockchain Federation. This report is based on more than 80 interviews with investors, wealth managers, fund managers, bankers and service providers in Switzerland. It highlights the incredible depth and breadth of the Swiss digital asset industry that has sprung out of Crypto Valley.

Furthermore, it is a testament to the rapid development of digital assets and blockchain technology at large, becoming more important. Clearly, digital assets are making huge strides towards wider adoption in Switzerland. Many private banks also saw an uptick of digital assets by a younger audience, often serving as the next generation of existing clients. The banks are using digital assets services to reach out to the next generation of bank customers.

Switzerland is a key part of this far-reaching technological development, boosting a strong, well-educated and ever-growing ecosystem. An ecosystem in which InCore Bank also plays a central role as a b2b transaction bank, enabling financial service providers an easy and safe access to the innovative crypto world.

Read the entire report here.