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InCore Bank supported Special Olympics athletes
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InCore Bank sponsored Special Olympics athletes

«He who fights, may lose. He who does not fight has already lost.» (Bertolt Brecht)

After a long forced break without regular sports activities, the athletes were able to bounce back in 2021.

Thus, first trainings could be resumed and some competitions could be held again. For people with disabilities, sports are all the more important in these uncertain times, because they enable social encounters, through which they experience appreciation and respect and can develop mentally and physically.

InCore Bank was honored to continue supporting the wide range of sports and exercise activities in 2021 for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Even though the athletes will have to forego major events in early 2022 due to the current pandemic situation, we hope that the energy and joy that came out of 2021 will continue and provide the necessary stamina until shared experiences with other athletes, family members and the wider community are possible again. 

More information about Special Olympics can be found here.