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Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship & Sales, InCore Bank
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Individual AMCs to match the investment strategy

Individual investment strategies currently rank high among asset managers. Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) are particularly popular. What are the distinguishing features of AMCs? A conversation with Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship & Sales at InCore Bank.

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What challenges are asset managers currently facing, in your opinion?
Asset managers are looking for answers to their clients' concerns in a complex, demanding capital market environment. Lean, simple and safe investment instruments for broadly diversified portfolios are in demand. In spite of negative headlines, interest in digital assets has not waned in recent months. Clients are looking out for secure solutions. However, the setup of investment products, such as collective investment schemes, clearly entails high costs and complexity. Innovative investment instruments are becoming all the more important in order to implement specific strategies in a cost-effective and unbureaucratic manner, to reduce administrative effort, and to increase efficiency.

What solutions do you see? 
Tailored Activiely Managed Certificates (AMC) allow new markets and customer segments to develop. AMC's have decisive advantages: The fast setup, the favorable price (often pays off from CHF 1-2 million), the possibility to activate them for retail in Switzerland, a visible track record (e.g. on Bloomberg) or the scalability up to an exchange-listed ETP.

Is it possible to include digital assets in AMCs?
With InCore Bank's B2B white label solution, asset managers create their own AMCs to match their strategy. For example, a composition of purely digital assets, a hybrid mix or "only" traditional assets - everything is possible in one and the same vehicle.

A simple, streamlined solution...
Absolutely! In addition, with InCore Bank, asset managers benefit from an investment product under their own brand and flexible pricing. Another plus: no unnecessary counterparty risks, off-balance sheet and unlimited re-balancing.

What services does InCore Bank offer interested asset managers? 
First: By working with proven structurers such as GenTwo, our clients benefit from cost advantages. Second: InCore Bank acts as paying agent, coordinates the flow of funds between investors and product, and takes care of the book-entry securities. We also score with many years of B2B experience in topics such as order management, settlement or digital access. Thirdly, InCore Bank is a reliable broker and custodian: those who choose this service benefit from a global network, tightly calculated prices and the security of a Swiss bank. A clear USP, especially in the crypto environment.

Pirro Morandi is responsible for global client services, new business development and expansion of existing relationships at InCore Bank. He has many years of professional experience in private banking, investments and financial markets.