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InCore Bank at 17th edition of «Vision Bank»

InCore Bank at the 17th edition of «Vision Bank»

«How must the financial center be set up to face the future with the crisis behind it? For years, digitization has led to new revenue sources being», opined Jan Schwalbe as moderator of the FuW Forum «Vision Bank» which took place on January 27, 2022 in Zurich at the SIX Convention Point.

Difficult and turbulent times lie behind the Swiss financial industry, but they have also brought many opportunities. In this context, digitization acts as a trigger for the establishment of cooperation’s and their potential to build new networks and rethink business models. When establishing new networks and cooperation’s and developing new business models, it is essential to focus on customers and employees. Employees must be involved and integrated into the new networks in the best possible way - without neglecting customer needs.

InCore Bank's B2B banking services help banks and other financial intermediaries to focus on new perspectives of the financial center, reducing complexity while focusing completely on their core business.

Therefore, InCore Bank was honored to be a partner at this event. The exchange both at the lunch beforehand and at the conference with the speakers and participants was enriching and inspiring. A thank you to FuW Forum for the excellent organization.