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InCore Bank is engaged in CAS training at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland

As part of a CAS advanced education program at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland, InCore Bank was delighted to contribute to the ongoing education of professionals.

The participants from Russia visited InCore Bank in Zurich as part of a company reference visit. In addition to participants of the CAS, we had the pleasure to welcome top managers of large Russian companies as well as professors from the University of St. Petersburg.

Mark Dambacher and Daniel Blatter were honored to introduce InCore Bank as an innovative company. In the keynote speech, the participants learned more about the changes of InCore Bank's business model as well as our ambitions in the course of digital asset banking, i.e., cryptocurrencies and tokenization.

A sincere thank you to all participants for coming and for sharing their interesting experiences. We further wish the CAS participants much success on their professional paths!