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InCore Bank on «The Future of Digital Assets»

Digital assets are undergoing a strong growth. A potential that an increasing number of institutional investors and established financial institutions have also recognized as a promising investment area. Consequently, a broad ecosystem with corresponding products and services has developed around this upcoming asset class.

Following the theme of "The Future of Digital Assets", renowned experts explained on October 6 how crypto assets can be used effectively within a portfolio context and what opportunities and risks the new asset class holds.

  • The lunchtime event started with an introduction by Rino Borini. The founder of 10x10 and expert in digital finance explained the importance of the topic of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Furthermore, he addressed the question of whether Wall Street banks will take over the crypto market in the future.
  • In a further presentation, Dr. Tobias Setz, CTO & Founder of OpenMetrics Solution explained the relevance of cryptocurrencies as a portfolio integration. For him, however, it is clear that his personal ideal portfolio consists only of crypto.
  • Another presentation followed from Sina Meier, Head of Switzerland at 21 Shares. Together with her colleague Adrian Fritz, they showed current trends in the crypto world and explained exciting projects in this context. 
  • Last but not least, Roger Darin, Advisor Digital Assets at InCore Bank showed in his speech that while there are no shortcuts in a clean delivery of a detailed crypto offering for a financial intermediary, with the right partner, the path can be made a lot faster and easier.
  • In a Q&A session afterwards, the audience showed great interest in DeFi products, which are currently still little offered in the market.

At the end of the event, Michael Baumgartner and Roger Darin were happy to share experiences with various parties from the crypto ecosystem at a networking coffee. Thanks to 10 x 10 and the Crypto Valley Journal for the excellent organization and to all participants for this exciting event.