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InCore theme special «Digital Asset Banking» held at the Swiss Life Arena

On 17 November, around 70 digital asset-interested decision-makers from the banking sector attended the InCore themed special «Digital Asset Banking».

Mark Dambacher, CEO and Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship & Sales of InCore Bank, opened the event by welcoming the guests. After a short introduction, the deep dive followed with a panel discussion on the topic of «How do I tell my bank?» and what needs to be considered from the perspective of a financial institution when implementing and realising a crypto offering. Many interesting inputs came from the panellists Markus Abbassi, Kaleido Privatbank AG, Hilde Muggerud, Entris Banking AG, George Macdonald, MACD and David Fuchs, Ladoga Solutions.

The event continued with an interactive workshop by our digital asset expert Daniel Blatter and an informative presentation by our new markets expert Roger Darin on the question «whether banks will soon be unnecessary» and what role DeFi will play in the future.

After a networking break, the guests were treated to an exclusive tour of the ice and event stadium, rounded off with exciting impressions from Peter Zahner, CEO of the ZSC Lions.

The afternoon came to an end with a delicious aperitif and invited to stimulating conversations and networking until late in the evening.

A big thank you to all participants, panellists and the Swiss Life Arena team for this thoroughly successful event!