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SOBACO meets the needs of small to medium-sized banks, wealth managers and financial service providers to ensure stable and secure IT operations. Every day, our operations specialists maintain, update and monitor all of the banking systems and peripherals that are used in your business. As well as bringing new clients onto our full solution platform, our business consultants are constantly on the look-out for innovative solutions that they can realize efficiently for our clients.


Clients have relied on our professional operating, consultancy and project services for more than 30 years.
We work with you as equal partners to design and implement your IT projects, introducing new products and services and optimizing your processes through to and including go-live and subsequent operation. We find and develop innovative concepts to support our clients to grow, advising them as they implement their ideas. Our experience, methodical approach, structured processes and efficient implementation allow us to carry out your projects professionally, with focus and to a reliable conclusion. You benefit from lean processes and a high degree of project security, professional support and a targeted deployment of our expertise while maintaining cost transparency. Projects move seamlessly into production, where our operations specialists continue to look after you. So you enjoy continued access to all of the expertise that has been built up, guaranteeing a long-term, stable partnership with our competence centers.


Digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution are constantly presenting banks, wealth managers and financial services providers with new challenges. New market participants, fintech and new IT solutions such as the blockchain are disrupting existing areas of business.

SOBACO monitors these developments closely, finding innovation at an early stage and analyzing its impact and potential for new areas of business for our clients. We serve each of our client segments with a core solution, to which we add optimized systems to create a full solution platform. This architecture allows us to respond quickly and directly to market changes and needs, as well as to innovations. Where necessary we can introduce existing new systems into the full solution in a timely manner, or design and develop them in line with our clients’ requirements. This approach lets us provide highly stable operations, secure data and data protection for all of the ASP services that you outsource to us.

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