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InCore Bank | Switzerland

InCore Bank is a B2B transaction bank* founded in 2007 and trusted by numerous private banks, securities firms, asset managers, institutional investors and fintech companies. The Swiss company with a banking and securities firm license stands for a highly capable comprehensive package: from traditional banking to digital assets, outsourcing, white-label investment products and other services.

In 2020, InCore Bank became the first B2B bank to receive FINMA approval for banking services with digital assets. This makes it the first choice for companies when it comes to secure access to digital assets. InCore Bank feels at home in both the traditional and digital world. It operates the largest private banking hub based on Finnova Banking Software.

We give you the freedom to run your business

Many private banks still invest a large proportion of their resources into maintaining and managing their systems and banking processes. Our outsourcing services free up time and resources for your business to invest in innovative projects.

We offer scalable, modular outsourcing options to enable you to move your systems and business processes to us on a step-by-step basis, if needed. As a transaction bank, our street side services, including global execution, global custody and global correspondent, give you high additional efficiencies. The InCore full banking solution means you always have access to modern technology; we constantly update the systems and processes to the latest regulatory and market requirements. The vast majority of our clients are private banks. This means that we can target our systems development more precisely. You have access to engage with your peers through our client panel events (such as the Compliance Community) – bankers talk to bankers.

We provide outsourcing services that make bankers’ lives easier.

Transaction Banking – the ideal choice for private banks

The challenges of private client business include increased regulation, rising tax transparency, low or negative interest rates, pressure on margins and escalating granularity of the value chain through digitalization. In the long term, these key changes to the banking sector require changes to the business model. To counteract this structural profitability pressure in a sustainable way, InCore’s unique business model offers you the greatest potential to benefit from outsourcing.

Together with our sister company SOBACO, we offer a sourcing range for the entire gamut of banking services. That means you can really reduce the complexity of your operation when you become our client. By outsourcing your business processes you can focus on your core business and strategic projects.

Mark Dambacher, CEO
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*Financial institution that executes banking transactions for third parties, usually the processing of payment transactions, securities transactions, etc. (so-called «white labeling»). Thus, a transaction bank performs services of the value creation process of other financial institutions and market participants which follow the sales services, occur repeatedly and can be organized as an industrial production process. A transaction bank has no contact with end customers.