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Street Side Services

As a FINMA-regulated bank working for banks, InCore provides you with professional street side services including global execution, global custody and global correspondent.

Benefits of our Street Side Services

Fast and secure processing

Availability of markets

Bankers talking to bankers

Highly efficient operation

Ensure best execution

Street Side Services

The three major attributes of our excellent street side services (Global Execution, Global Custody, Global Correspondent) are speed, security and availability. As a specialist transaction bank, InCore has more than a decade’s experience in providing highest quality street side services for private banks and securities traders. We take care of all of the processes that are so difficult for you to differentiate in today’s global marketplace, but for which you need a reliable partner with high levels of technical expertise. With our automation and standardization you can benefit from the economies of scale our system provides.

Whether in securities, forex trading, custody or payments, the globalized market brings with it increasing challenges in terms of technology and regulation, such as best execution. Volume bundling is a further prerequisite for ensuring access to key players at good conditions in this competitive market.

InCore can provide you with this access at great prices for the long term. We bundle the volumes of all our clients, constantly improving our attraction as a market participant for you. You benefit by handing over your orders to us as your central counterparty to execute on your behalf. We look after billing, with settlement and reconciliation, and you can focus entirely on your core business. We speak your language – bankers talk to bankers – and your experts speak to ours.

Our Street Side Services generally cover the following areas:

  • Large network of correspondents in all relevant currencies and deposit agents in all major markets
  • Access to our many years of experience as a broker and direct connections to all exchanges and brokers
  • Use of our highly automated (STP) InCore full banking solution
  • Direct access to your personal specialist contact persons


“FATCA, AEOI, MiFID, FinSA (FIDLEG), FInMIA (FinfraG), AMLA (GwG)... a piece of cake for us thanks to InCore’s Compliance Support.”

Markus Ruffner, CEO NPB Neue Privat Bank
“We can dedicate our entire energies to providing independent wealth management services thanks to InCore’s full outsourcing service.”
Markus Angst, Head Banking Aquila & Co. AG

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