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«It's time to set the stage»

Why are more and more renowned financial institutions choosing InCore Bank's Digital Asset Services? Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship Management & Sales, knows: «With us as a partner, handling becomes as easy as with traditional assets – independent of the existing core banking system». An interview about digital assets and the secret of InCore Bank's success.

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Mr. Morandi, do you still believe in the future of digital assets despite negative headlines?
P. Morandi: Absolutely. One could read a lot about the crypto winter, the associated price losses, the historic bear market and the Etherum merge, which was positively received by the majority - however, the trading volumes have not fallen to the same extent globally. At InCore Bank, the ice age has definitely not arrived. We are convinced that digital asset markets will recover. Around 22 banks have approval for digital asset banking or are in the approval process with FINMA. As a pure B2B bank, we are an ideal partner for innovative banks worldwide - and our order books are well filled.

InCore Bank is considered a traditional transaction bank - at the same time you provide digital asset banking. No contradiction?
P. Morandi: No, not at all. In addition to traditional B2B banking services, we were also able to position digital assets extremely successfully in the market. As an innovative B2B bank, InCore Bank has always consistently driven the expansion of new business areas. And our success proves us right: more and more renowned financial institutions are opting for our Digital Asset Services in addition to traditional banking services. Through the services provided by InCore Bank, our clients can trade cryptocurrencies and benefit from a highly secure custody solution based in Switzerland. Having a bank as a trusted partner is a natural choice for trading and custody of digital assets.

So, what makes InCore Bank different from others?
P. Morandi: The formula for success involves an experienced team with over 100 specialists, successful implementations, and satisfied customers. But also innovative power: In 2020, we were the first traditional Swiss bank ever to receive FINMA approval for banking services with digital assets and to recognize the trend before others. Ever since, we have invested a lot in opening and processing the market as well as in the security of our systems. By setting the right course, we have continuously developed our services.

What specifically are you thinking about?
P. Morandi: For example, the launch of our 7 days x 24 hours online trading platform. Or CRYSP «create your structured products» solution, where banks can offer investment products under their own name: a hybrid model with cost-saving capital raising, as traditional investors and digital asset investors can be addressed simultaneously.

There are calls for stricter regulations worldwide. What is your position on this topic between innovation and safety?
P. Morandi: More legal and investment certainty strengthens trust and acceptance in digital assets - which is why we welcome the efforts of the Swiss legislator. We do not consider digital assets as a detached service, but as an additional asset class. Our clients know that their customer deposits with InCore Bank are protected in case of bankruptcy. They consciously choose us as a regulated Swiss bank because we offer them this security. 

How complicated is the integration of digital assets into the core banking system?
P. Morandi: Having us as a partner will make the handling as easy as with traditional assets and independently of the existing core banking system. Of course, we have a lot of experience with Finnova, but we can also apply what we have learned to other systems such as Avaloq or Temenos. The existing set-up can be used with very little integration effort. We' ve been at the forefront of digitalization for years and can look back on many successful implementations with satisfied customers.

Any advice for banks that are still cautious on digital assets?
P. Morandi: It's «Time to set the stage!» You should address this issue now and position yourself with foresight to be live in the next bull market. I recommend relying on the right B2B partner instead of doing everything on your own! (laughs).

What is InCore Bank planning next?
P. Morandi: In addition to good market access and attractive conditions for our customers, we are also focusing on new topics such as staking or tokenization. Tokenization has the potential to revolutionize the real economy, but as a product there is still little demand for it. The WEF, for example, estimates that 10% of the global GNP will be tokenized before the end of this decade.

Thanks for the interview.


Pirro Morandi is responsible for global client services, new business development and expansion of existing relationships at InCore Bank. Pirro Morandi has many years of professional experience in Private Banking, Investments and Financial Markets.